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Why we created the Skyro Galaxy Plan

A horror story

A while back we were approached by someone with a mature (6 year +) small consulting business . He told us a horror story of trying to get his company’s web presence 100% covered. He signed on with an agency that promised to build his company a new website, handle their social media, write and post content to their blog and all their socials, and help them be top of mind with their existing clients and potential clients.

The small business owner was thrilled. Finally he could stay connected with his clients and promote his brand without having to waste all his time posting on twitter, facebook, linkedin, writing blog posts, and doing a deluge of things that had nothing to do with his actual business.

And at only a few hundred dollars per month, it seemed almost too good to be true.

It was. After the contract was signed, he got the bait and switch. The agency provided him with a generic looking website and a “software solution” that made it easier to post to social media. The agency still expected the small business owner to do all the actual work. When he chose not to renew the contract, the agency stripped his website of all the theme elements, leaving him with a broken html website that looked straight out of 1998.

This story inspired us to create our Skyro Galaxy plan and provide real value to clients when so many people out there are selling snake oil. We believe that a small business owner should be able to focus on their business, their expertise, and their clients without having to slog through all the nuances of digital marketing.

But this quality of service doesn’t come cheap. On price alone we could never compete with the huxters out there. But unlike the discount providers, we actually provide what we promise and help your business grow.

We might not be for you if

  • You don’t see any value in having a targeted website
  • You think spending several hours every week learning about the latest changes in search engine optimization (SEO) sounds fun
  • You are not ready to invest money in your business
  • You think social media is a fad

It might be a good fit if

  • You want to bring in new clients or better clients
  • You are ready to invest in your business
  • You are sick of having to worry about your lack of a website or your outdated website
  • You've found yourself saying "I don't have enough hours in the day..."

Skyro Galaxy Plan

Have our team 100% manage your web presence

Wondering if this would work for your business?

We’re not a startup. We don’t want explosive growth. We want to be the best. 
That means limiting the number of clients we work with at any time.